Healthcare Associated Infections
Rising rates of MRSA and others
The most prevalent healthcare associated infections continue to rise. Canadian MRSA cases increased 17-fold from 1995 to 2006. In the USA, MRSA bacteremia has been associated with mortality rates up to 60%. More Facts
Professional Hand Washing
Increased Stay

Healthcare Associated Infections increase hospital stays by an average of 11 days. More Facts
Hospital bed2
Financial Strain
Healthcare Associated Infecions cost up to $45 Billion a year.
Financial strain on the health care institution averaged over $25,000 per HAI case in 2009, and more than that post-discharge, accounting for an estimated 28-45 billion per year. More Facts
Health Care Costs In America
A preventable outcome of healthcare
Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) is the fourth leading cause of death in Canada and one of the top 10 causes of death in the US. An estimated 99,000 people died in 2002 as a result of 1.7 million HAIs that year alone. More Facts
Healthcare Associated Infections can be prevented
Hospitals in the United States, Canada and Europe have demonstrated that with stringent cleaning and infection control, increased staff training and workforce stability infection rates are reduced. More Facts
Environmental Services
Healthcare Associated Infections are not acceptable
Liability suits against healthcare facilities continue, such as a $50 million lawsuit against an acute care centre where 91 patients died after a C. difficile outbreak. More Facts
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This is IPAC Consulting

IPAC Consulting offers services in the field of Infection Prevention & Control. Our certified Infection Prevention and Control Professionals are available to provide a variety of services including personalized consultation, educational program development, program review and audit services.  See our Health Care Sectors menu for services related to your sector.

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Your IPAC Team

IPAC Consulting is your team of experts for everything related to Infection Prevention and Control.  When working with us, you draw on the knowledge of Certified Infection Control Practitioners and Infectious Disease Physicians as well as periphery support such as experienced Construction Consultants, Graphic Designers, Health & Safety Advisors, and more.

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Our Values

The general term IPAC refers to “Infection Prevention and Control”.  At IPAC Consulting, we believe that infections can and should be prevented, especially in health care settings.  All of our values are built on this principle to help public and private health care organizations achieve true infection prevention and control.

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Praise for IPAC Consulting

“IPAC Consulting were valuable members of the Planning-Design-Compliance (PDC) team for the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital.  Norm Tiffin and Natalie Goertz were always prepared with relevant information and handouts in their information sessions on IPAC, their deliverables were completed in accordance with project schedule, and they generously shared their research and industry contacts for the benefit of our client, Mackenzie Health, and the project.  It would be my sincere pleasure to work with this team again – I have full confidence in their expertise and performance as part of a design team.”

Architect/Project Manager

Zeidler Partnership Architects

Environmental Controls

Many studies indicate that environments play significant role in the transmission of health care associated infections.  Our consultants have experience in developing standards and guidelines, audit programs and education.  IPAC Consulting use the latest best practice documents when providing individualized packages to our clients.

Construction Consulting

New building or additions create potential infection concerns even outside of the healthcare sector.  Our construction consultants have experience with ‘hands on’ planning, construction and demolition of new hospitals and acute care settings.  Together with this on-the-ground experience and equipped with knowledge of best practice guidelines, IPAC Consulting has the expertise to guide your project from the beginning to end.

Accreditation Preparation

Our team has successfully been involved in planning and preparing for hospital accreditations and our outcomes have been exemplary.  Accreditation can be overwhelming and a significant workload on top of busy schedules, so let us help you.  IPAC Consulting can guide you through the steps of preparing, provide insight to practice issues and interpretation to accreditation indicators.

Pandemic Planning

Pandemics start in the community, so whether your industry is health care related or not, we can provide you with the tools to stay safe.  When a pandemic occurs, many organizations and buildings will be called into action to help support their community and we can prepare you for your role.  IPAC Consulting has experience in writing pandemic plans can keep you updated with the latest changes.


Health & Safety Advising

IPAC Consulting has health and safety experts that can ensure you are taking the appropriate measures to ensure compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.